"Slim Chance & his Psycho-Billy Playboys"

Western Rock & Roll

A Band With Personality

Booty Scootin'
Country Rockin' 
Western Rollin'

Country  Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Western Swing, American Music, Texas,

15 years entertaining & Still Running!

Family Friendly 

People say… 

The Chance brothers Slim Chance, Fat Chance, Had A Chance, Last Chance and Not a Snowball’s Chance, are guaranteed to give you a smiling, foot-stomping, bronco busting, swinging goodtime. Their mother, Mabel Your Takin A Chance, will tell you these guys are like a rodeo. You’re gonna have a bucking good time!

Steve Frederickson-  Vocals. Acoustic & Guitar
Jim Robertson-          Vocals, Lead Guitar & Harp
Victor Willden-           Electric  Bass & Upright Bass
Wain Mecham-          Drums, Vocals & Harp

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!