"Slim Chance & his Psycho-Billy Playboys"

Western Rock & Roll

A Band With Personality

Booty Scootin'
Country Rockin' 
Western Rollin'

Country  Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Western Swing, American Music, Texas,

15 years entertaining & Still Running!

Family Friendly 

People say… 

     Amarillo by Morning Slim was born in the back seat of a Pink Cadillac rollin’ down Route 66 it was a Stormy Monday 

      A Long Hair Country Boy, Should have been a Cowboy attended Rock & Roll High School.  Much Too Young, Slim suffered from the Working Man’s Blues and was Past the Point of Rescue, and got The Folsom Prison Blues, A Cryin’ Shame. 

     Slim’s Little Sister (Tequila Makes her Close Fall Off) & Mama (Heartache Tears and Misery) said Cant you See there’s One Way Out, Get Rhythm, Put Some Drive in your Country, get Tougher than the Rest, and lose those Honky Tonk Blues, 

     Fast as You, The Race is on, the Chance brothers Slim Chance, Fat Chance, Had a Chance, Last Chance and Not a Snowball’s Chance, are guaranteed to give you a foot-stomping, bronco busting, swinging goodtime. Their mother, Mabel Your Takin’ a Chance, will tell you these guys are like a rodeo. You’re gonna’ have a Booty Scootin’ Boogie and bucking good time!!!

  • Steve Frederickson-  Vocals. Acoustic & Guitar
  • Jim Robertson-          Vocals, Lead Guitar & Harp
  • Victor Willden-           Electric  Bass & Upright Bass
  • Wain Mecham-          Drums, Vocals & Harp

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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Slim Chance

Salt Lake City, Utah